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Are you applying for jobs but keep getting rejected? Are you interested in making a career change but don't know how to make the pivot? Do you want to learn how to use the experience you've gained throughout your career to create opportunities for yourself? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions you're in the right place! As a career advisor and coach, I can help you clarify, construct, and control your career. For the past eight years I have been successfully coaching clients, leaders, team members (employees), and students on how to best pursue their career goals to not only obtain the career they desire, but more importantly the career they deserve! 

"Greatness doesn't give out have to want it bad enough to crash the party!!!" ~ Edgar Butler Jr

Clarify, Construct, and Control Your Career Coaching Program

Empowerment and guidance to get the most out of your career

Session 1: Career Clarity – During this session we will get crystal clear on your career goals. I will help you create a plan for pursuing the career you desire and deserve!

Session 2: Resume and LinkedIn Audit– You will learn how to create a competitive resume and I will teach you how to optimize and maximize your LinkedIn profile.  

Session 3: Interview Preparation – I will prepare you to ace your future interview by providing you with tips and tools to help you interview like a pro! 

Session 4: Networking and Relationship Building – I will provide you with networking tips and how to transition into building relationships. You will also learn how to leverage social media for networking and relationship building. 

Session 5: Final session – Discuss the connections you made from networking and I will answer any lingering questions.

Speaking Sessions, Workshops, Training

Strategies, Principles, Preparation, Teachings, Empowerment, Motivation, Inspiration and Encouragement

1. Career Development - Resume preparation, Interview preparation, Advancement strategies, Networking and Relationship Building techniques.


2. Lead to Build session - Strategies to position leaders for success.

3. Team Performance session – Strategies to position employees for success on the job.

4. Winning in life – Overcoming adversity and creating a positive life for winning.

Please complete the Contact form below and you will be contacted to discuss your event and speaker fees

About Edgar

Hey! I am Edgar Butler Jr. a passionate speaker, leader, mentor, coach, and author of the book Clarify, Construct, and Control Your Career. I was born in Bartow, FL and currently living in Suwanee, GA. I have taken lessons from many walks of life, and I truly understand what it means to find your purpose in life and pursue it with passion!


After many years working various jobs, and also being fired, I pursued an opportunity to join the corporate world working for the #1 P&C Insurer in the United States. With a relentless work ethic and a desire to succeed, I quickly climbed the corporate ladder. In my first nine years with the company I held eight different positions starting from entry level and working my way up to formal leadership. I understand the art of positioning and the value of building relationships in order to succeed.


As a corporate leader, I have led teams responsible for managing multi-million dollar books of business. Wanting to make a larger impact on the organization I took all of my experience to Human Resources in the role of Talent Acquisition Specialist. I advanced my own career, and as a former hiring manager and current recruiter I have firsthand knowledge and experience on how to create a competitive resume, conduct a successful interview, and competitively position yourself for salary negotiations to land the job you desire.


My knowledge and experience led me to start Edgar Butler Jr and Associates, LLC, a coaching business for career development. My mission is to help others pursue and obtain the career they deserve!


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Charonne P-S

 Our Sorority Chapter had the pleasure of having Edgar Butler Jr. as the keynote speaker for our Annual Scholarship Luncheon.  His authenticity and passion allows him to effectively connect on a deep level  with diverse audiences of all ages.  His delivery is engaging and his presentation  is always masterfully tailored. 

Jennifer G

I highly recommend! Attending Edgar Butler, Jr.’s speaking engagements and reading his book Clarify, Construct, And Control Your Career! have had a huge impact on me. His message is honest, direct, motivating and practical. I have been better able to define who I am, what I am about and how important being consistent and persistent are to my own success and relationships. 

Crystal B

In future roles after reading your book !! And changing my posture in respecting leadership!! I have become the model employee !! And favored throughout every position I have held thus far! This like a lot of your post truly is confirmation from God!

Niesia G

Edgar is a great mentor. I was consistently seeking professional guidance to advance my career. I had become complacent and was no longer satisfied in my work but did not feel as if I had the right skill set to acquire the job position I desired. Edgar coached me through mock interviews, helped to revamp my resume and encouraged me to be consistent in my job search. I recently landed a new position with a great nearby company. I could not have excelled without him. He has a true passion for helping people achieve life long goals and goes about it in the most upstanding way. He keeps the human in human resources and I hope many more people will be privileged to have the same experience as I did. It is life changing.

Chelsea S-L

Edgar Butler Jr. has provided guidance for me both professionally and personally.  In my professional career he has provided me with the tools to create a thorough professional resume in which I was hired for my current job from. Not to mention, with the tools I learned from Edgar, I have had the ability to assist at least ten other people successfully write professional resumes in which they have landed corporate/leadership positions. Moreover, Edgar has also provided myself and my husband with tools to successfully start entrepreneurship ventures with minimal error.


Personally, by just being around Edgar and seeing his drive and diligence to everything that he partakes in has definitely made him a positive role model in my life. No matter who you are, Edgar wants to not only see you succeed, but walk in your purpose. In that, he does all that he can to help people including myself have a life driven by purpose. I have attended several of his speaking engagements where I have taken life-changing tools from that have changed my life for the better. I am more than thankful for Edgar as the tools I have learned from him over the years have sharpened me professionally, and personally improved my overall life and existence.

Erica P

It seems that people come and go throughout life, leaving a footprint in our stories. Edgar truly has made a positive impact in my life. He always have the right words to influence and coach in an effective way! I was apart of a weekly coaching call that was very beneficial in my life. The coaching calls enhanced my mindset and introspective awareness. I'm happy to say that I have been promoted at work and successful moved around the U.S. using some of the knowledge gained from Edgar! He makes a priority to stay connected and check in from time to time! Always making time to uplift, mentor, coach, or to share his gift in any capacity to add value in the lives of others! You will not be disappointed under the coaching of Edgar Butler!!

Muranda D

I met Edgar at the NorCal leadership conference where he was a guest speaker in a seminar about Networking and making connections. To be honest my only reason for attending the seminar was to make connections and meet new people. Edgar did not disappoint. Not only was his seminar helpful and informative he agreed to meet with me one on one the following week and was able to give me answers to some of the questions that have been weighing on me since Covid restrictions hit. I had dreamed of going into project management for technology but Covid gutted new development. Edgar not only patiently answered all of my questions he provided specific insights and actionable suggestions. I left the meeting feeling informed and best of all, more comfortable with my future career choice. I highly recommend Edgar as a speaker or as a coach, his bright energy and enthusiasm combined with his knowledge of the job market and what recruiters are looking for make him a leader that others want to follow.

Claudia C

I would try to think of a way to short hand this, but it would be impossible. Mr. Edgar Butler, Jr. spoke at my nephew’s graduation a year ago. His speech was amazing & my family was truly inspired by him. I was determined to meet him at the end of the graduation, & searched high & low, but he had already left, as he was probably on his way to speak somewhere else. I was so disappointed & gave my number to one of the persons that were in charge of the graduation, in hopes that she would give him my contact information for him to call me. 

I was so eager to speak to him that I did not even wait until I got home. I searched for his name on Instagram & sent him a message on messenger. “Hi Mr. Butler, my name is Claudia & I just left the graduation where you were the speaker. Must I say, WOW, I am very motivated by you. I searched for you after the graduation, but was not successful. I would really like to speak with you if you have a moment to chat please. I would sincerely appreciate it.” Within a few minutes, I got a response from him & he gave me his cell phone number to call him whenever I had time. Since then, he has made such a huge impact in my life. We spent hours on the phone of him giving me some career advice & pointers for my resume. 

Fast forward months later, our youth department at our church was having a vision board party & I wanted to use someone who could relate to them & that would motivate them. Well, who else, but Mr. Butler? I reached out & he humbly said yes. There was no doubt, no thinking about it, just flat out YES! He came, was patient, as we ran late, spoke to our youth & they were excited about what the new year had in store for them. He was so relatable & captivating, that even our adults stuck around to hear him speak

I am so honored & grateful to know Mr. Butler. He is a true inspiration to everyone he comes in contact with. He is genuine & extremely passionate about what he does & with everyone that he comes in contact with. He has impacted my life in such a positive way, both personally & professionally; I would recommend him to everyone!

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