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Clarify, Construct, and Control Your Career
Corporate Training Sessions

Strategies, guidance, and empowerment to improve leadership and teamwork and increase productivity.

Team Building

A Particular Set Of Skills - Charges attendees with identifying their unique gifts and talents and provide them with tips on how they can work together with their team members to create a super team. In addition, the session will challenge attendees to look beyond just filling their current role to looking for creative ways to advance their team, the department, and the organization.

Are You Disciplined Enough To Achieve Your Goals - Focuses on four core areas including dedication, discipline, determination, and domination. Attendees will learn how to strategically create a road map for obtaining their goals, tips to increase their level of discipline, and steps to take for dominating their distractions in order to accomplish more goals in their personal life and professional career.


Lead To Build - Helps leaders take their powerful vision and paint a picture of success that includes the strength of their teams.


The Importance Of Developing Others -  Helps employees understand the importance of developing themselves and supporting the development of others. The session will also provide tips on how to develop a plan of action to pursue developmental opportunities and how development can enhance their career while supporting the organization's needs.

Position Yourself To Get Hired

Resume Preparation - Helps individuals write an effective resume to help them stand out from the competition!

Interview Readiness -  Covers basic interview principles along with tips to help you effectively communicate your value!

Career Advancement Strategies - Proved strategies I used to obtain eight positions in nine years and advance from entry-level to leading a team that handled half the country for the #1 Property and Casualty Insurance Company in the U.S. overseeing a multimillion-dollar book of business.

Personal Development

The Motivating Factor - Focuses on how to face and overcome challenges and adversity and then use it all to become your best self.

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