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Helping Organizations Improve Performance, Productivity, and Retention

"Winners don't make excuses

we make adjustments

and then we make a way!"


Edgar Butler Jr

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I'm Edgar

Business professionals and organizations come to me when they are ready to maximize their performance, achieve greater success, and lead from their lane!

I help business professionals strategically position themselves to obtain maximum success in their career. I also help organizations develop greater communication between their leaders and the teams they lead. By engaging employees in professional development sessions, trainings, and workshops it directly impacts employee morale and retention. 


Clarify, Construct, and Control Your Career
Coaching and Training Program

Speaking Sessions, Workshops, Training, Keynotes

Leadership Development

Strategies to position leaders for success

Team Building

Strategies to position employees for success on the job 

Career Development


Resume and Interview preparation, Advancement strategies, Networking and Relationship Building techniques

Winning in Life


Overcoming adversity and creating a positive life for winning

1-on-1 Coaching for Career Development


Resume and Interview preparation, Advancement strategies, Networking and Relationship Building techniques

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Niesia Griffin

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I was consistently seeking professional guidance to advance my career. I had become complacent and was no longer satisfied in my work but did not feel as if I had the right skill set to acquire the job position I desired. Edgar coached me through mock interviews, helped to revamp my resume and encouraged me to be consistent in my job search. I recently landed a new position with a great nearby company. I could not have excelled without him. He has a true passion for helping people achieve life long goals and goes about it in the most upstanding way. He keeps the human in human resources and I hope many more people will be privileged to have the same experience as I did. It is life changing .

Chelsea Sierra-Lawson

Edgar Butler Jr. has provided guidance for me both professionally and personally. In my professional career he has provided me with the tools to create a thorough professional resume in which I was hired for my current job from. Not to mention, with the tools I learned from Edgar, I have had the ability to assist at least ten other people successfully write professional resumes in which they have landed corporate/leadership positions.

Erica Collins

Edgar truly has made a positive impact in my life. He always have the right words to influence and coach in an effective way! I was apart of a weekly coaching call that was very beneficial in my life. The coaching calls enhanced my mindset and introspective awareness. I'm happy to say that I have been promoted at work and successfully moved around the U.S. using some of the knowledge gained from Edgar! You will not be disappointed under the coaching of Edgar Butler!!

Customer Care Supervisor

Administrative Assistant

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