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Clarify, Construct, and Control Your Career Coaching Program

Empowerment and guidance to get the most out of your career

Session 1: Career Clarity – During this session we will get crystal clear on your career goals. I will help you create a plan for pursuing the career you desire and deserve!

Session 2: Resume and LinkedIn Audit– You will learn how to create a competitive resume and I will teach you how to optimize and maximize your LinkedIn profile.


Session 3: Interview Preparation – I will prepare you to ace your future interview by providing you with tips and tools to help you interview like a pro!

Session 4: Networking and Relationship Building – I will provide you with networking tips and how to transition into building relationships. You will also learn how to leverage social media for networking and relationship building. 

Session 5: Final session – Discuss the connections you made from networking and I will answer any lingering questions.

Speaking Sessions, Workshops, Consulting

Strategies, Principles, Teachings, Empowerment, Motivation, Inspiration and Encouragement

1. Career Development - Resume preparation, Interview preparation, Advancement strategies, Networking and Relationship Building techniques.

2. Lead to Build session - Strategies to position leaders for success.

3. Team Performance session – Strategies to position employees for success on the job.

4. Winning in life – Overcoming adversity and creating a positive life for winning.

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